Mission Statement

Latest Update 3rd March 2018.

Mission Statement.

After experiencing a deep and prolonged drought which ended in 2009, and following my retirement in 2010, I have devoted a good deal of time and energy drought proofing my home and especially my garden.

Since then my mission has expanded and I take this opportunity to outline my wider agenda.  My objectives are now concentrated on addressing the following issues. 
  1. Reducing my carbon footprint. 
  2. Make my garden as self sustaining as possible. 
  3. Maintaining a vigorous Soil Food Web in my garden. 
  4. Seeking out and use the latest organic gardening techniques to produce food efficiently while maintaining a diverse ecosystem. 
  5. Growing food organically to maximise its nutritional value. 
  6. Growing enough of this food to make a significant difference to my household's health. 
  7. Continue to use my websites to record the status of my projects, and maintain links to websites of special interest. 
Note..... I am always very happy when a reader finds useful information in one of my blogs.  However, the reader should be aware that many of my projects are experimental or at a work-in-progress stage, and the reader should take their own steps to avoid disappointment.  If you do decide to use the information contained in any of my websites, please take time to read my disclaimer page before you proceed (repeated in each blog)

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