Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April 2013.

It's the end of April already.  Doesn't time pass quickly when you're having fun.
These Broccoli are growing fast, and the Vegenet is keeping Cabbage White Butterflies at bay despite their regular appearances so late in Autumn.
Same thing here in my heavy framed ecobed.  No signs of pests and recently sown crops growing well.
I now have 2 of the 3 beds in place in my inground Ecobed, and the slug and snail barrier (copper tape) has been added.  I will install the third water tank once I have finished harvesting the Chives and Celery (see Inground Ecobed).
The standard size Vegenet doesn't quite reach across this bed, so I have added some heavy duty shadecloth positioned so it doesn't cast a shadow on the bed. 

I know from previous experience that the shadecloth will be an effective windbreak and should protect my crops from damaging wind.  I expect to create a benign ecosystem in the bed this winter as the shadecloth traps and warms the air over the bed radiating heat collected from the sun.

If this works as anticipated, I will tidy up the arrangement with demountable timber framed panels infilled with shadecloth and Vegenet.