Friday, 13 March 2015

March 2015 (5).

Building the pest exclusion frame on Ecobed 4.

The bottom rail was installed first, simply screwed into the bed wall and made up of old 42mm x 19mm timber offcuts from previous projects.  Next the 900mm verticals are screwed into place, evenly spaced along each side.  Note there are 6 off 65mm x 19mm verticals and 4 off 42mm x 19mm verticals The 42mm x 19mm central horizontal joist is fitted next.

The 42mm x 19mm top horizontal side rails are then fitted as shown.

75mm calvanised countersunk woodscrews are used to secure this joint.

The centre verticals are fixed in position using 4 x 50mm galvanised countersunk woodscrews.

The 65 x 19mm corner verticals are secured using 2 x 50mm galvanised countersunk woodscrews.  The vertical is mounted to the end of the bottom rail so that when fitted, the exclusion net clears the Ecobed's wall.

The top rail corner is fixed as shown using 75mm galvanised countersunk woodscrews.

The exclusion frame has been painted and is ready for use, however I have decided to fit four hatches to the bed to improve access when the exclusion netting is in place.  Watch this space.