Sunday, 30 September 2012

September 2012.

I grow organic fruit and vegetables in my small suburban backyard.  Just enough for my wife, myself and a small surplus for our friends and family.

After retiring a few years ago, and looking for a project, I started researching the most up to date methods I could find to grow fruit and vegetables sustainably.

In May this year I decided to build a small self watering, self feeding, pest excluding Ecobed.  My ecobed, like my ecobins, has a built in water tank from which water rises up into the soil keeping it moist.  In addition It has a built in worm farm to keep the soil fertile, and a pest exclusion system to reduce the amount of pesticides used.  

So far this project looks very promising, and my hope is that with very little water and bought-in fertilisers and pesticides I can grow enough vegetables and fruit to meet our needs.