Tuesday, 24 June 2014

June 2014 (2).

Hi everyone.  Here is my latest design providing support for tall climbing veggies like peas, beans and cucumbers.  There will be 3 of these 1800mm tall relocatable climbing frames following the legume family as it travel from bed to bed each year.  (As described in my 4 bed crop rotation plan).

My Ecobeds have 900mm high pest exclusion frames.  They supporting exclusion nets and medium size plants like broad beans and capsicum.  Vine plants like peas, climbing beans, butternut pumpkins and cucumbers grow much higher so I have designed climbing frames to support them.
The frames are relocatable and are made from plantation pine painted heavily with weatherproof acrylic paint.  I use galvanised woodscrews to join the timbers together, and zip ties hold the plastic netting in place.  

I use zip ties to secure the frame's supporting arms to the top of the bed's pest exclusion frame, and the bottom of the frame is fixed to the top of the Ecobed with zip ties and staples.

My legumes need pollinator access, so I don't cover them with exclusion netting.  This is handy because it enables me to erect my relocatable climbing frames without restriction.  Monthly foliar sprays of aerated compost tea keep airborne insects and diseases under control.

These new frames will provide support for a protective canopy of heavy duty shadecloth when extremely hot and dry weather hits Melbourne next summer.