Tuesday, 8 July 2014

July 2014.

I added a new page to this blog a few days ago.  Its my propagation plan which I use to control the supply of seeds and seedlings to my Ecobeds at the right time for optimal performance.

I've been following a plan like this for years on a microsoft spreadsheet, and its reasonably well developed.  I use the phases of the moon to determine the best time to sow seed and transplant seedlings.  It seems to work well and I get good germination as a rule, wasting very little seed.

As you can see in the photograph, I still haven't quite mastered sowing carrots.  I am going to have to start measuring more accurately how much seed I add to my bottle of light sand before I sprinkle it onto the soil.  If that doesn't work I may have to revert to sowing them in rows.  

It does demonstrate, however, how well the crop germinated in the ideal conditions provided by a biologically active soil and a constant water supply despite our cold winter weather in Melbourne this year.

I have already had one go at thinning this lot, but I'm afraid I've got a rather tedious job ahead of me.