Friday, 12 September 2014

September 2014.

Its mid September, my peach tree is full of blossom, and my Ecobins are line astern like 18th century warships ready to take on anything the climate can throw at them.  I will be growing tomato plants in the 4 completed bins at the far end and capsicum in the 2 at this end.

I am experimenting with coir discs (like the one on the ground) in 2 of the bins to form a barrier over the water tank.  In the other 4 bins I am trialling a thick layer of sugar cane mulch.  These replace the heavy duty shadecloth used in the past, and I am hoping they will be more effective at keeping the soil out of the tank without losing the water wicking action.

The space in the legume Ecobed on the left of the picture is filling up as the peas grow and start climbing the relocatable frames.  I have just sown some cucumbers and a butternut pumpkin in the same bed with a catch crop of lettuce in between.

By the time they are all fully grown, the broad beans in the left of the picture will have matured and been harvested.  Hopefully, their removal will allow a bit more light into what is a pretty dense planting arrangement.