Thursday, 15 January 2015

January 2015 (2).

Just a couple of days to go and they will be ready for harvest.  There will be a lot of bottling and juicing going on in the Ashworth household next week.
This butternut pumpkin has reached the top of the frame (1800mm) and I am busy pinching out leader shoots on the growing number of stems.  It is beginning to set fruit with a little help from yours truly.  I take a male flower off the vine with a short piece of stem attached, and strip the petals off to expose the stamen.  I then use it to pollinate the female flowers.
The lebanese cucumbers are setting fruit.  I am not hand pollinating them, but they don't seem to need it.  There must be plenty of insect pollinators around, although I must say I haven't seen any on the job.