Wednesday, 4 March 2015

March 2015

I've just taken delivery of some Lillydale toppings and some drainage scoria.  The toppings will provide a good foundation for my 4th Ecobed and some footpaths around it.  The scoria will fill the water tank in the Ecobed and support the soil above it.

I made up the first layer of the Ecobed by screwing the sides and ends together using 2 galvanised 125mm bugle head woodscrews at each corner.  I stapled a piece of protective shadecloth to the top and turned the frame over so the shadecloth was in contact with the ground. I then started on the next layer.

I'm drilling guide holes at a 45 degree angle for 2 x 100mm gal bullet head nails which will hold the end pieces in place attached to the layer below.

I'm hammering them in flush with the timber so they don't interfere with the side pieces.

A hole is drilled for the overflow pipe.  Its 500mm from the end and placed so that the tank will overflow when it's full to a depth of 250mm.

Here is the bed ready to be lined with 2 layers of 200um builder's plastic.  You can just see the water tank overflow hole at the far end just above the beige base layer.  The next step is to line the tank, install the plumbing and fill the tank with scoria and water.