Thursday, 26 February 2015

February 2015 (3).

This space is being prepared for my 4th and last full size Ecobed.  The good organic soil from the previous bed in this location has been removed and is being stored where my front lawn used to be.  I need to remove about 75mm of sub-soil before laying weedmat and a covering of Lilydale Toppings.  The new bed will sit on top of this fine grit paving material and it will serve as pathways around the bed.  Lil will be very pleased when I lay a new front lawn next spring.

Sweet Basil grows very well in Ecobeds, although I believe for best flavour they should become water deprived for a while before harvest.  I grow them mainly for their flowers and aroma.  The Basil flowers attract pollinators with their strong aroma, and disguises the scent of food plants which become hard to find by insect pests.

I have finished harvesting most of my Epicure climbing beans but left a few to mature and dry out.  Most of them will be de-podded and stored in glass jars until winter, when they will be rehydrated and used in soups.  The best of them will be kept in a paper bag in the fridge to be used as seeds next season.