Thursday, 9 April 2015

April 2015.

I said I would fit a hatch to my new Ecobed, and here it is.  I decided to fit it into one end of the bed making half the bed easy to reach.  Its a tight fit and catches or hinges may not be needed to hold it in place.  It sits on the bottom rail of the exclusion frame and rests on two tabs I fitted to the top rail.  (These tabs were made from 9mm marine ply sheeting using a 50mm hole saw).  I will make a hatch for the other end too, when I can find some time and energy.
Here is the hatch in position.  It's quicker and easier to use than the previous method, and doesn't damage the net.  The loose net around the edge of the hatch looks untidy, but its needed to cover the gaps between the hatch and the exclusion frame.