Tuesday, 16 June 2015

June 2015.

Its the third week of winter and the camelias are in flower.
My heavy feeders are doing nicely, I have harvested my first lettuce from this planting, the cabbages are forming hearts and the broccoli are in flower.
My light feeders are growing well and I will be taking a few leaves off the older sliverbeet soon.
Leeks grow so slowly, they were planted before the bed was rotated for legumes in early autumn.  I may have to plant my bush peas around them.. 
The green manure in Ecobed 2 is growing well and on schedule to be harvested as mulch next month.
I have just cut down 2 capsicum in this Ecobin (leaving the roots in the ground as usual) and have replaced the old mulch with about 50mm of compost and 50mm of sugar cane straw.  The shadecloth keeps it all together and the birds and other pests out.  I will probably put some more peas in here once the compost has had time to break down a bit.