Saturday, 11 July 2015

July 2015.

Its time to harvest the green manure and add it to the soil ready for my next crop in Ecobed 2.  I use garden shears to cut the green manure down to ground level, and then chop it into small pieces.  I use the no dig method in my garden, so the foliage is left on top of the soil and the roots are left in the ground.  I cover them both with homemade compost to stimulate worm and microbial activity.

I used 3 barrow loads of homemade compost to cover the green manure with a 60mm layer.
I used about half a bale of organic sugar cane mulch on top to reduce evaporation and keep the soil and compost moist.  It will take about 6 weeks for the worms and microbes to get fully established and I expect the soil to be in excellent condition by the time my seed potatoes are planted in late August.

This is Ecobed 1, and the light feeders are still growing well considering this is mid winter.

Ecobed 3 remains pest free and the plants are growing strongly.  I harvested lettuce and broccoli (heads) last week, and in keeping with my no dig policy, cut the lettuce down to ground level and prepared the surrounding soil with a dressing of new compost covered with sugar cane straw.  Three mini cabbage seedlings were planted in a recently prepared bed, and are growing strongly