Saturday, 9 January 2016

January 2016.

Its early January and it will soon be mid summer here in Melbourne.  The weather has been mixed but mostly mild in the mid 20's (deg C).  There have been a few very hot days in the upper 30's and one over 40, but my plants have benefited from a good supply of water and generous shelter (shadecloth) as required.

The beans above have just reached the top of the support frames and are starting to fill out and set fruit.  The bed is using a lot of water during this fast growth phase and I'm filling the water tank every 5 days at the moment.  The other beds are lasting between 1 and 2 weeks depending on the weather. 
The potatoes above look bedraggled, but this is because they are starting to die back naturally ready for harvest.  I have taken a couple of plants from the back of the bed to enjoy the sweetness of "new" potatoes, and it looks as if I will get an exceptional harvest from the rest of the bed.
This is hardly an Ecobed, but I thought you might like to see my progress with the new lawn.  The turf was placed at 90 deg. to the sub turf drip irrigation lines in very hot weather (high 30's) a few days before Christmas and the grass has quickly established itself.  Growth has been good and yesterday I gave it a trim with the lawn mower.