Tuesday, 19 January 2016

January 2016 (2)

It was 38 deg C here yesterday.  The 50% shadecloth above is ideal for protecting crops against fierce summer sun and drying winds, and the timber frames do an excellent job providing it with hooking points.  The beans are 1800mm tall and still growing, and the tomato plants in between are about 1300mm tall.  To grow larger fruit, I pinch out all lateral shoots and the leader shoot on each plant after 5 sets of tomatoes are established.  They wont get much taller than they are now.
The lawn seems to be enjoying the high temperatures and drying winds, and since laying it only 3 weeks ago, I have had to mow it 3 times.  I drip irrigate for an hour every day over 35 deg C, plus every 3rd day in summer.