Tuesday, 31 May 2016

May 2016 (3)

Its winter tomorrow, and its been wet and cold for the last couple of weeks, but today is cool and sunny, just right for working in the garden.  I've finished clearing the old mulch and dead leaves etc from my drip irrigated beds, and they're ready to be covered with compost.  I don't disturb the soil by digging or raking, I leave all the hard work to the worms and microbes.
While I'm at it I turn on the irrigation and check out the drippers to make sure they're not blocked.
The old mulch and leaves will make a great addition to my next thermal compost heap.
The fruit of my labours, this compost is destined for the drip line irrigated beds just cleared.  The fruit trees, shrubs and canes will get the most generous layer of this magic mixture and the other established perennials will get a lighter dressing.
My two espaliered apples get a 60mm thick layer of compost.
Other perennials only get a light covering (about 20mm). 

The compost tea brewer is bubbling away in the shed and tomorrow I will spray my veggies and the newly laid compost before I cover it with fresh mulch.