Friday, 17 June 2016

June 2016

Its the winter solstice in Melbourne next week and its cold and miserable, but I went out into the garden just now, and thought "the light looks great for a few photos", and here they are.
The lettuce and cabbage are gone, and the head from one of the Waltham Broccoli has been harvested, but there's plenty more to come from this bed.
Ecobed 1 on the right is growing peas and beans, but they are still quite small and won't reach maturity for a couple of months.
My order of seed potatoes from Diggers arrived today right on time, and I have started the process of chitting them in organic egg cartons. I need another 3 cartons to finish the job, but time is on my side now.

I turned the heap over for the 6th time this morning so on Saturday I will turn it for the 7th and last time. It will be ready for use by next Thursday.
I transfered the onions from the cuttings propagator this morning. I will harden them off soon in their pots for a few days in Ecobed 2 prior to transplanting them.
This is the indicator that its time to harvest the green mulch in Ecobed 3. Pretty aren't they?