Sunday, 31 July 2016

August 2016.

It rained last night, but thankfully I woke up to a cloudless sky this morning.  Its time for my monthly foliar spray of the garden, and I have had the aerator going overnight on a brew of aerated compost tea.  The photo shows the components I use in the brewing/spraying process. 

The white bin is used to brew 15 litres at a time, and in winter I use a 50W aquarium heater (seen here hanging inside the brewer) to maintain a steady 22 deg C. water temperature, ideal for growing aerobic bacteria.

On the bin's lid is an air pump which is connected to a tube with a homemade air bubbler attached at the other end.  I use clean stones inside the bubbler as ballast.

The brew is poured into the blue bucket through 2 paint straining bags.  This is good enough to stop compost residues blocking the spraying head.  The brew is then poured into the sprayer.

I need to brew two 15 litre batches to cover all my plants and one for the nature strip which is undergoing some refurbishment at the moment after a few years of neglect.  Today's batch was used on all my edible plants.  I will be looking carefully at bureau reports over the next few days to try and synchronise the remaining brews with dry weather.