Thursday, 25 August 2016

August 2016 (2).

Here is my crop of potatoes being planted.  Its the end of winter next week, and by the time they are up we should be well clear of any frost danger.  There are 49 in this space (7 by 7 rows).  The string lines are there to help me keep the rows equally spaced.  They are being planted 150- 200mm deep and covered with 50mm of soil within the hole.  As they grow, the holes will be gradually collapsed leaving the growing tips still exposed.
Job done, and the netting has been put in place to keep my hungry blackbirds out of the bed.  I will remove it as soon as the potato foliage is well above ground level.
We are still harvesting broccoli shoots, but I am leaving some of the Waltham broccoli to go to seed as you can see.  To avoid cross pollination, I wont be allowing the Romanesco broccoli to flower.

The Coriander is going berserk again, so I'll harvest and dry some later.

These broad beans have been slow growing this year, and I don't think they are going to make the same height as they usually do.  They haven't had a lot of sun this winter, which may explain.  Anyway they are coming into flower, and we will soon be enjoying those tasty beans again.