Friday, 30 September 2016

September 2016.

My potatoes have broken through and are growing strongly.  I had a 97.959183% success rate, in other words I lost 1 of the 49 seed potatoes I planted.  However, ever resourceful, I emptied out my bag of shop bought organic potatoes to find 1 of them, near the bottom, putting out new shoots.  So I planted it in the vacated space.
The Mini cabbages and Red Iceberg lettuce are growing strongly and are pest free with only compost and compost tea to protect them.  Well, except for the bird netting and snail barrier.
Same here in Ecobed 1.   The broad beans have had a few Harlequin beetles on them, but I just plucked them off by hand.  They seem to be free of them at the moment.

The peas are ready for their first mini harvest, but the beans have a few more weeks to go.
These broad beans are growing very well in their Ecobins.  We should get quite a good crop from such a small area.  These bins are ideal for growing vegies or herbs on the balconies of flats or where there is good sun but very limited space in your garden.