Tuesday, 17 February 2015

February 2015 (2).

These sleepers have been cut to size and I have started painting them.  They are the end walls of my new Ecobed.  I will put a second coat on them tomorrow, and then start on the side walls the day after.  I don't rush things at my age.

I have always struggled a bit to get a good crop of capsicum mainly because I have sown the seeds too late.  This year we seem to have got it right and the red Bull's Horn variety are growing well.

These mini cabbage are forming hearts and looking very healthy.  The protective canopy of heavy duty shadecloth (75% shade) has prevented any sun or wind damage, and the Vegenet in the sidewalls have kept the dreaded cabbage white butterfly and other flying pests at bay.

I'm brewing another 15 litres of aerated compost tea to spray on my edible plants.  Its bubbling furiously, oxygenating the water and extracting microbes and nutrients from the compost.  It will give plant growth a boost and help keep pests under control (particularly mildew and other fungal diseases).