Tuesday, 18 August 2015

August 2015.

This surface mounted hatch is simple to make and gives excellent access to the bed.  It will be trialed for a few months before making any more, but so far its performed better than the hatch mounted at the end of the bed.

To make it easier, the netting is stapled in place around the opening.  This is a tidier arrangement than hooking points, and as the nets will be left in place for some time with this arrangement, there should be very little damage to the timber frame caused by replacing staples.

Ecobed 1 has been supplying silverbeet and lettuce to the kitchen, and we will soon be adding sweet baby beetroots to the list.  The garlic seems taller this year and the carrots, leeks and onions in the photo are also healthy and growing strongly.

I have been checking my alliums recently to avoid blackfly infestations.  It will be spring soon and they multiply quickly if they are not dealt with promptly.  I use horticultural oil (organic Eco-oil) to smother them if they appear.  A couple of foliar sprays 2 days apart usually removes them completely.

The peas and beans in Ecobed 4 have begun to flower and I have taken the exclusion netting down to allow the pollinators access.  I have fitted wire tunnels to protect the dwarf peas (recently planted in the middle of the bed) from birds digging for worms.