Friday, 4 March 2016

March 2016.

I am a member of the Diggers Club in Melbourne, Australia, and have just read an article reproduced from the original published by the ACRES.USA Magazine in March 2015.  The article "How carbon creates soils" was a transcript of an interview of Dr Christine Jones (above) by Tracy Frisch.  Its a great interview and I am delighted the Diggers Club have published it in their Autumn Club Magazine. 

Christine publishes a blog containing a number of articles which discuss topics which should be of great interests to us all.  Although these articles are aimed at an audience of commercial farmers in the same way as Dr Elaine Ingham's organisation the Soil Foodweb Inc does, I believe we organic gardeners need to take note especially if we grow our own food.  The following are links to these articles. (reproduced in my link list).

Soil carbon, can it save agriculture's bacon.
SOS: Save our soils.
Our soils: Our future.
Mycorrhizal fungi: powerhouse of the soil.
Farming a climate change solution.